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Project: Critical Infrastructures of Northeastern US

Class project for Xinformatics in Spring 2022. I worked with a team to gather various geographic data on the northeastern region to create a regression model of possible landslide danger to the power infrastructures of Northeastern US. I mostly worked on the web development part and built an interactive platform to view each infrastructures and also filter by danger level/state region. This was my first introduction to redux in react, which I had a lot of fun with (and probably abused). The leaflet library for rendering maps was pretty cool, and there's a lot more stuff that could be done with it. We originally hosted the website on Vercel, but RPI network decided to stop working with vercel -- looks like its an ISP related issue so maybe not fixable in near future... -- so I had to migrate the website to github pages. It still looks like it works well enough though. The layout leaves more room for improvement, this was before I learned about using react bootstrap or nextjs.